It's been a while I don't post anything on my blog.
I cannot figure out the reason why I lost my passion for writing or coding something. I don't code for 2 years maybe longer. It's just like Wolverine don't have healing factor anymore, or batman stops fighting for justice. For me, keep passionate for coding or anything relative to IT has never been so hard in the last 2 years. My lifestyle kinda sucks too. Drink, smoke, waste most of the time on games, call UberEats to deliver me some fast foods as dinner...I do have some habits. Currently, racing is part of my life since I owned an Audi S5 with highly competitive modification. The engine is pushed to almost 500 horsepower and removed most of the useless thing like radio. The end is the accelerate time of this car is 3.5 seconds from 0 to 100 KM/h. I was hoping if I drive fast enough, I can get rid of all of the bad things.

But I'm wrong. Life is not only about racing, and I'm not that guy, who is required to keep the world running.With my lap record refreshed over and over again, my grade reached the bottom. It's the last chance I can maintain my full-time student role in Canada.

If there is a time I can back to the right track, this is the time.
I will be back.

Richard Xiao

life's not out to get you.

Ottawa, ON https://alien.bz

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